Contribution Guidelines

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So, you'd like to contribute to this wiki? That's great! Make yourself an account and have a read over these few short tips to help make your introduction to the editing community smooth :)


  • Unregistered users can not edit
  • Images can only be uploaded by members in the uploadaccess group

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do search for existing pages before creating new ones
  • Do use the page creation boxes on each category page to create new pages (this ensures that they use the correct templates and get added automatically to the right categories)
  • Do use pages' Discussion tabs to start conversations about details or edits you're not sure of
  • Do mention when there's more information that could be included (eg: Todo: Add detailed description of the Hide on failure property)
  • Do include a summary of your changes in the Summary field
  • Do make other contributors and readers feel welcome :)

  • Don't be rude, derogatory or derisive. If you feel like you want to be (we all get frustrated from time to time), it's time to take a break and come back later
  • Don't repeatedly reverse other people's edits. If there's an ongoing problem, contact User:Cheeseness or User:Dargenom, and we can look at locking page edits where appropriate
  • Don't engage in gratuitous self-promotion. Pop links into your personal user page if you need to, but keep any other forms of self promotion off the wiki unless they're specifically relevant and/or helpful