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The Mod tab

The mod tab displays and allows configuration of a mod's settings.

Mod List

The Mod list

The Mod List shows mods in the current Unity project. By default, a single mod is in the HoF2 modding SDK project. This can not be removed, and no additional mods can be added.

Mod Properties Panel

The Mod Properties panel

The Mod Properties panel allows a mod's details to be viewed and edited.

Mod name
The name of the mod. Can be changed by clicking the Rename button.
Publicly visible details of the mod. Title and Description can be set via the String Picker, and Preview Image can be set by clicking the Select button or dragging and dropping an image from the Unity Project Browser.
Clicking the + button will open a drop down where new tags can be entered. Existing tags can be removed by clicking on the tag name behind the + button.
Allows configured dependencies on other mods to be viewed, added and removed. Mods which have been subscribed to or manually installed will appear in the dropdown after the game has been run once.