Known Issues and Workarounds

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The Hand of Fate 2 modding tools are a work in progress and may include some bugs and rough edges. These will change over time as old issues are fixed and new ones are discovered, so if you see something here that doesn't belong, or don't see something here that should be, make note in this page's Discussion tab or remove/add the relevant section (when removing, please include a link to relevant release notes threads from the Steam forums in the change summary!).

Card Encounter Prefab Wizard Doesn't Make Encounters

The Encounter Card Prefab Wizard.

With a fresh SDK, the Encounter Card Prefab Wizard will not create new encounters, and will result in the following exception.

Parent directory must exist before creating asset at Assets/Prefabs/Encounters/EncounterTrees/EncounterTree_NewEncounter.asset.
UnityEditor.AssetDatabase:CreateAsset(Object, String)
Defiant.Modding.ParadoxNotion.Design.EditorUtils:CreateAsset(Type, String)

To work around this, open your modding project in a file browser, and create Encounters/EncounterTrees folders in Assets/Prefabs.

Variables Do Not Show In The Encounter Tab

One of an Encounter's prefabs as seen in the Unity Project Browser.
An Encounter's prefab in the Unity Inspector showing an empty Blackboard property .

Local Blackboards may not be set up correctly on newly created Encounters, causing the Encounter Tab's Variables list to not display.

If this occurs, select the Encounter prefab under Assets/Prefabs/Encounters/ in the Unity Project Browser and look for the Blackboard property of the Encounter (Script)' component in the Inspector. If this shows None (Blackboard), drag and drop the selected Encounter prefab into the Blackboard property's slot.

Text Fields In Dropdowns Don't Respond To Keyboard Input On Linux

A text field in a dropdown.

On Linux, text fields in dropdowns can not be typed into. To work around this, type the text elsewhere, copy it and then right click in the text field and select Paste.