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The six different node types.

There are six different types of nodes that are used when configuring encounter logic.


Three action nodes set up to start a combat against two random monster cards.

Action nodes are used to carry out a wide variety of tasks. For a complete list of action tasks, see Node Types/Action Tasks.

Companion Campfire Encounter


An example of a junction node being used to split a dialogue choice into several outcomes.

Junction nodes are nodes that are used purely to connect other nodes together. Combined with conditions, they can be used to add different outcomes to page nodes without adding additional dialogue options.

Nested Encounter

A nested encounter node where the prefab has been set.
A nested encounter node where the prefab has not been set.

Nested encounter nodes are used to run the logic from other encounters. They are most commonly used to condense repetitive tasks such as preparing campfire encounters. Nested encounter nodes have no options other than which encounter is nested. Once the prefab has been set, that encounter's logic will run in place of the nested encounter node.


Three page nodes set up to present a narrative choice.

Page nodes are used to display dialogue to the player. Page nodes automatically add a dialogue option for each connecting node following it.

Each page node can have up to twelve separate pages of dialogue. Pages are added or removed by pressing the "+" and "X" buttons to the right of the dialogue box, respectively.
Text Mode
The text mode setting has three options; Sequential, Random Exhaustive and Random. Sequential will cause the page node to display page 0 the first time it is used, and display the following pages in sequence on subsequent uses, repeating the final page once it reaches it. Random Exhaustive will cause the page node to display pages at random until each page has been displayed, at which point it repeats the page shown last. Finally, random will cause the page node to display random pages every time it runs
Use All Content
This option will cause the page node to show each of its pages in sequence every time it runs, presenting each dialogue option on the final page.
Can Show Inventory
This option is active by default. When deactivated, the player will not be able to open their inventory to change their equipment while the page node runs. This is used primarily for encounters where the player is ambushed.

Trial Campfire Encounter